Weekly Lectures


Jum’aa Lectures *(Khutba)

Friday is very significant when it comes to learning and connecting. In such a busy and hectic world, we hardly find time to reflect on ourselves, our destination and our fate. At MCC we try to offer the best possible services on Fridays as a great number of Muslims comes and offer Jum’aa and most attend the lecture preceding the sermon. Our rotation of Imams discuss necessary and extremely beneficial topics for our betterment and the betterment of community.

For maximum benefit, it is important that we attend complete lectures and strive hard to put them into practice. Topics like “preservation of the Quran”, “raising our children”, “rights and responsibilities of husband and wife”, “life of a Muslim in western lands” and “the amazing biographies of the Prophet  and great companions”, have been discussed in details and in multiple sessions during these lectures.

Friday evening lectures are also conducted for the benefit of the community. In these sessions a complete life history of the beloved Prophet   and afterwards the biographies of the guided Caliphs was explained and elaborated in a span of three years. Families are welcome to attend and benefit from this ongoing program. Please check for the current timings in the latest news & activity section.

Please see the Jum’aa schedule for Khutba and prayer timings.