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With over 700 Muslim families living in the South and Southwestern suburbs of Minneapolis, you are welcome to join our growing community. As a member of the Muslim Community Center, many local businesses and services are now looking to cater to your needs. With a fast growing Muslim population in Minnesota, new business opportunities are emerging to support you. From local banking to global marketing, Muslims are now a target audience for commerce. MCC continues to work with local schools, government services and local businesses to provide a wide array of services to help growing families receive the services they need and guidance to make the right choices.

We encourage our members to help the community by volunteering at both Muslim and non-Islamic events to help those in need and spread goodwill across this Great State of Minnesota. From Churches to Synagogues and from Temples to Shrines, the Community Center is actively engaged to deliver the Message of Peace as guided by our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Being a good Samaritan in today’s Muslim community requires all Muslims to be open minded in answering life’s difficult questions. The MCC is the exact place to seek knowledge and wisdom to help understand the complex issues affecting you and your family.

The Community Center is a place to meet and congregate with your Brothers and Sisters in Islam. It’s sole purpose is to aid in building a stronger community with your participation. Registering today, will help you connect with your neighbors and family.  Your membership will offer you early updates on the latest developments and programs offered at the Center. Joining today will help us reach you and keep you up to date with our events and notices.

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